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The following products are items I have found useful on my farm and that work for me. Sometimes finding the right tool for the job can be a long task, filled with trial and error. These are the things that have worked for me and have stood up to farm use. (Note: There are affiliate links on this website for which I earn a small return on qualifying purchases. These earnings do not affect your purchase price, but do provide a source of revenue for the farm which goes towards the care and maintenance of the animals I keep)

Chicken & Duck Supplies

Incubators & Supplies
Recommended models including the Brinsea Ovation 28, Brinsea Maxi II and Hovabator

Brooder Supplies
Heating mats, little chick houses, brooder cages and other ideas that make hatching a lot easier

Poultry Leg Bands
From tiny colored elastic marking bands to zip ties with charms, check out these handy chicken ID accessories.

Essential Oils for Chickens

Essential oils can help you improve your flock health and productivity. For a better understanding of how and why essential oils can help your chickens check out the full story here.

Shop Essential Oils

Dexter Cow Supplies

Halters and Other Supplies
Leather and rope halters, and livestock sticks

Milking Supplies
The best in stainless steel buckets, milk jugs, filters and other supplies that have been great for handling fresh milk at home.

Sprouting, Gardening and Kitchen Supplies

Grow Your Own Sprouts
Find useful links for sprouting lids that fit onto mason jars, sprouting trays, and more. . . .

Kitchenware and gift ideas
My favorite kitchen scale, canning lids and other products that have stood up to life in my farm kitchen. (New products added!)


Best Gardening Books
(links coming soon)

Fav Fiction and More
(links coming soon)

Best Chicken & Livestock Books
(links coming soon)

Best Cookbooks
(links coming soon)

These products are things I have used and found helpful on the farm.