Hatching Eggs


We have a limited supply of Hatching Eggs available in 2019!  Please send an e-mail regarding the eggs you are interested in and we will try to accommodate your interests.  Please note that we are unable to ship eggs at this time, so any eggs must have local pick-up in Lillooet arranged.

Interested in Hatching Eggs?   Use the contact page, send a private message on Facebook, or  e-mail with your wish list to rosehill.senger@gmail.com 

The following types of eggs are current available in April 2019:

Barred Rocks

Rose Hill Farm Barred Rocks are being selected for dual purpose performance as meat birds and winter-hardy egg layers.  This group of hens has produced eggs all winter, without any extra heat or light in their pens.  Friendly and resourceful, Barred Rocks are an excellent addition to any flock.

Hatching eggs are $5/egg and $60/dozen.

Barred Rocks


Blue/Splash Americanas

Laying beautiful blue colored eggs, this breeding pen has a Blue rooster over Blue and Splash hens.  Chicks hatched will may be Blue, Black or Splash.

Hatching eggs are $6/egg or $72/dozen

Americana Eggs
10 Blue Americana eggs & Two Olive-eggs for comparison


Silver Americanas

Laying light blue or green eggs, this breeding pen has a Silver Americana rooster over a mix of silver, brown, black and white colored hens.    Eggs are similar to those pictured above.

Hatching eggs are $5/egg or $60/dozen.


Olive Eggers

Hens that lay olive eggs are bred by crossing blue and brown types of chickens.  You can get light olive eggers by crossing Americanas to Barred Rocks, and dark olive eggers by crossing Americanas and Marans.  The resulting pullets of these crosses lay olive colored eggs, even though the egg they hatched from may be blue, light brown or dark brown.

Olive-eggers are $5/egg for light olives and $6/egg for dark olives, or $66/mixed dozen

Mixed Olive-Eggers Hatching Eggs
Mixed Olive-Egger Dozen



Rose Hill Farm Mix

A mix of available hatching eggs  can be provided for $66/dozen.  The combination of eggs will be dependent on what is currently available.

Note that purebred Marans eggs are not currently available.


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