Welcome to Rose Hill Farm!

Nestled on the west side of the Fraser River, Rose Hill Farm is a classic mixed-production farm designed to provide food security for me and my clients. With over 20 years of small-scale farming under my belt, I have been testing out ideas for how to keep food growing in my 16-acre “backyard” while juggling a professional career and family.

I have a long history as a Seed Saver, and at one point I was actually self-sufficient for all my seed needs. AT that time I was concentrating on creating several varieties of vegetables unique to my farm and my needs. But times changed, and I ended up moving to a new farm where I could focus more on integrating livestock into the picture. While I still do a lot of seed saving, it has been on hold while I have been learning first-hand how to get started with farm animals.

First I integrated chickens onto the farm. Then I brought in Dexter cows. Both additions have greatly increased my joy and productivity, and expanded the amount of food on my table coming directly off my fields.

I like to apply sound science and research on plant and animal breeding to my projects at Rose Hill Farm. That means I spend a LOT of time reading – a lot, a lot.

For example, I researched raising cows on a small scale for nearly two years before deciding to try my hand with Dexters. All that reading inspired me to start writing posts about what I have learned and the resources I have uncovered along the way and these are organized into two blogs.

You can find the hands-on how-to farm type posts under the Rose Hill Blog.

For the larger context of food security, self-sufficiency, climate change, and environmental sustainability components, check out the blog Food Abundance Revolution. You can also visit the Food Abundance website and get access to the Get-Started Garden Mini-Course and other learning and growing opportunities.

I do hope to add some videos of life on the farm to provide some context for the activities, successes and challenges of small-farm life. I also sometimes provide links to the books and tools I use myself on the farm through affiliate links.

You find my latest product recommendations, hatching eggs and any birds for sale on the Shop menu. Or visit the Rose Hill Farm Store on Zazzle (by clicking the link below) to find unique products that make great chicken-lover and small farm gifts.


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