Special Event Online 13-Feb-2023

I don’t often use my website to promote events, but this one is special. I believe that people – individual people like you and like me – really can change the world.

I have been blessed this last year to be working with an amazing coach – Tracy Litt – to change my mindset and to unleash my gifts to help change the world.

Whether your interest is growing more food for your family, or feeding the world, or helping other people, or building your own website, blog, podcast, business . . . or ??? Mindset is everything. It transects every field.

So to that end, I am writing today to share two things with you.

One is the news that Tracy is providing a Free Massive Impact Masterclass on 13-Feb-2023 online and available to anyone who signs up. It will be a game-changing 90 minute introduction to mindset work. You can sign up directly for the website by clicking this link for the Masterclass

Second, I wrote a post on Medium: Ever Dream of Changing the World? 5 Things You Can Do To Start Today!

You can read that post by clicking HERE and following this link to Medium.