Rose Hill Farm Original Designs

There is no end to the inspiration and natural beauty that can be found here at Rose Hill Farm. From the spectacular southern interior setting to the rich diversity of plants and animals that live here, beauty and wonder abounds.

The Rose Hill Farm Original Designs are based on this rich natural beauty. Inspired by nature and farm life, and customizable to your favorite style, color and product, these items are the perfect way to share a little farm-life magic no matter where you live.

The Feather Collection

Blue Marans

inspired by the incredible patterns found in this amazing heritage chicken breed, the Blue Marans Feather Collection features profiles from some of the most spectacular roosters on Rose Hill Farm. Each design has been selected to showcase the intricate detail of the feathers.

Americana Wonders

Think that peacock green is only for peacocks? This series of designs is inspired by the most diversely colored heritage chickens on the farm – the Silver Americanas. . . . . . .(coming soon)

Silkie Sensations

– coming soon –

Life Lessons from Chickens

Ever think that your chickens know more about having a great life than you do? Might be true. So here’s some Life Lessons from Chickens to brighten your day:

The Rooster Collection

Roosters are the superstars of the chicken world. Brightly colored and full of that “look only me” flare, it is tragic that we can’t keep every rooster we produce. That’s where the Rooster Collection designs come in! Choose designs and products based on your favorite rooster or breed, or enjoy a cross-section of them all. Stay tuned as this collection ramps up over the next 6 months!

Each design is chosen to bring out the beauty and diversity of each rooster.

Finally an easy way to keep as many roosters as you’d like!

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