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Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back From Acting On Climate Change?

We all fall victim to self-fulfilling prophecies.  You know what mean? 

Like when something you need to do is hard so you put it off, and put it off, and it just keeps getting harder and harder the longer you wait.  Until you just give up, because well, you know, it’s hard!

We can talk ourselves out of nearly anything with very little effort.

We can sit back and look at the people who are trying to make a difference and think – wow, that’s cool!

But those little voices in our head kick in pretty quickly. Don’t they?

Our brains say:

Hey, you know it’s hard to start that, right?

Psst . . .in case you were thinking of joining in. . .   that’s just not something you could do.

You know, even if you did that, nothing would change so like chill out dude, com’on

Our brains mostly suck!  At least when we leave them unattended.

Our brains work hard to keep us safe and safe means NOT CHANGING.

But here’s the thing.  There is a massive freight train roaring towards us with its horns blaring – a train called the Climate Crisis – and our brains are busy telling us to sit on the sofa and play another video game because we get to come back to life, right?

Train coming nearly head on running down the tracks
We are all standing WAY too close to this train! (Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash)

Anyone else see a problem here? Because it might be a little hard to change something, and we convince ourselves it’s just too hard, we are going step in front of that train wearing our virtual reality goggles and pressing the toggle on the game controller.

Nothing Ever Changes Until You Decide

There is a way to move forward and step up. 

There is a way to convince that voice in your brain that YOU really can make a difference to yourself, your family and your community.

That’s by giving yourself EVIDENCE that people just like you are actively making changes that together are creating massive impact.

People just like you.

People who have been told – You can’t do that.

People who started with ZERO food growing knowledge.

People who got introduced to a cool idea and said – why not me?  Why don’t I do this right now?

People who saw a problem and said, “Actually, I know how to help fix that!” – and then did it!

Get inspired!

Starting on 22-May-2022 you can meet some of these people and hear their stories for yourself.  Each day as part of the Growing From Home Virtual Summit you will receive an email with the links to 2 guest interviews. 

The interviews are short 20-40 min each.  There are only two each day.

You can watch for free each day from 22-May to 1-June.

You’ll get to hear:

  • Why they became advocates for sustainability
  • What they are doing to change the world
  • What actions YOU can take starting right now to join in! 

Creating change can be that simple!  It’s about giving yourself evidence that the people doing amazing things right now all started somewhere, with one step.  And now they are here sharing with you that very thing you could do to take a first step yourself.

It all begins with one step.


Grab a cup of coffee or tea, cue up Day 1 and listen.  That’s step #1.

See you there!

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