Climate Change Your Christmas (It is Easier Than You Think!)

Make this Christmas season about saving the planet.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Christmas is the perfect time to make a change that supports the planet.

We’ve all been there. The over-crowded shopping malls. The insane hunt for a parking space. The endless wandering down aisles staring at a bewildering array of choices, none of them really what you are looking for. And always, that dreadful feeling that nothing you buy will be good enough anyway.

Why do we do this?

Finding the perfect gift won’t save your relationship or express your love. Love doesn’t come with a price tag. And it doesn’t come once a year.

The commercialization of Christmas has only one goal and that is to suck your hard-earned cash out of your pocket and into . . . . (finish reading on post on Medium)


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