Roosters for Sale – Fall 2020 – Updated- -Sold-

I have a number of beautiful roosters available this fall to add exceptional color and vigor to your flock. All roosters are $15 ea unless otherwise noted.

Americanas Roosters

All 3 roosters offered for sale have produced exceptional chicks this year in my hatches. They are 16 months old. All 3 have good personalities and are good with their hens.

Cocoa – is predominantly black with exceptional silver/white in his neck feathers and a very black beard. His tail is currently a mess because he is molting.

Black/Silver Americana Rooster (Cocoa)

Pirate is black and white, but more spotted and pied in coloration. He has golden eyes. His tail is also a mess because he’s molting.

Silver Americana Rooster (Pirate)
Silver Americana Rooster (Pirate)

Hunter is a liver-brown spotted rooster – he has thrown the most silver chicks in the hatches this year. He is also the biggest of the three roosters available. He has bead black eyes which I just love.

Silver Americana Rooster (Hunter)
Americana chicks produced in 2020 from Hunter (not for sale – just an indication of quality)

Blue Barred RockSale Pending

I am posting my Blue Barred Rock rooster – Cloud – for sale. He is an extremely dilute blue bar with a good rounded chest on him. He is approximately 16 months old. Cloud was NOT cooperating for pictures and kept ducking back into his house so I had to settle for this photo of him.

Blue Barred Rock Rooster (Cloud)

Ginger Orange Barred Rock!?!SOLD

I also ended up with an exceptional ginger orange barred rock – so Tom Cat has both orange and black barring. He has an amazingly sweet personality and has spent a lot of time with chicks this year. He is very easy to handle. He is only 3 months old, and showing exceptional size and form, but he still has a lot of growth ahead of him. He would make a fantastic addition to add both color and size to your flock.

Juvenile Ginger-Barred Rock Rooster (Tom Cat)

SilkiesAll Sold (contact me for future opportunities)

I have a number of Silkie roosters available this fall. Please send me a message for details. Most are black or black with silver collars. I have one rooster who is silver-white with shocking brown tie-dye streaks. Silkies are also $15/rooster. There are no Silkie hens available.

2 Silkie roosters – black with silver collars
Crazy silver/white and brown rooster (Tye-Dye)