Your Chickens are Dinosaurs (And not the plant-eating kind!)

Sorry to burst your bubble — but vegetarian-fed chicken just ain’t natural

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Go into any supermarket today and the array of choices for eggs and chicken meat is nothing short of mind-boggling. Organic, free run, pastured, and conventional products all vie for your attention and consumer dollars.

In an effort to capitalize on the latest plant-based diets and meatless trends, more and more chicken and egg products are being labelled as coming from “vegetarian-fed”, “vegetarian-diet”, or “plant-based diet” chickens. It has even becoming a selling point for some restaurants and various processed foods . The idea is that feeding chickens a vegetarian diet somehow makes the meat or eggs healthier too.

But are vegetarian diets really better for chickens? I would clearly argue the answer to that is an emphatic “NO!” And I have T. rex on my side to prove it.

What does vegetarian-fed chicken mean?

Vegetarian-fed chickens are provided a diet made only of  . . .   continue reading on Medium

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