What exactly are you waiting for when it comes to climate change?

The time to act is now.

Are we already so complacent about climate change that we will fail to act at all?

I think we have found a double edge sword when it comes to climate change news. On the one hand, it has taken years (too many years) to broadly convince everyone that climate change is real. As the evidence mounts all around us, it has become hard to ignore: massive storms, torrential rains, devastating wildfire, drought, you name it. The planet is reacting to what we have done.

But over those same years of convincing folks this is real (it’s been 13 years since Inconvenient Truth was released!), we haven’t actually gotten very far at DOING something about climate change.

We believe climate change is real, but we are not yet ACTING like it is real.

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Unsplash

All that news about climate change has somehow left us feeling powerless.

The “new normal” of climate change impacts feels so huge and inevitable that doing anything about it seems to be beyond our pay grade.

We keep waiting for someone else to fix it.

We have somehow accepted climate change, but not our role in the solution.

But the thing is, the solution requires us all to start . . . . .

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