Milking Supplies

I am VERY new to milking, and I tend to only “share milk” my Dexter cows, which means I am handling smaller volumes of milk than someone who splits off the calf and milks their cows regularly. The following products have proven themselves to be invaluable to me when I am hand-milking my Dexters.

Stainless Steel Bucket – Now for me, as a hand-milking newbie, I like these small stainless steel buckets. I can easily hold them and milk straight into them, or balance them on the end of my milking stool. It also means if I do drop them, I am not losing an entire milking session. I just milk for a while and then transfer the milk into my milk jug, keeping the milk cleaner, cooler and out of harms way. They come in 1 quart, 4 quarts, and 6 quarts sizes as well. I’ve had mine now for a few years and it still looks as good as new.

Lindy’s Stainless Steel Milk Jug – I have to say I simply love this product! Everything about it just works for me. The jug is very stable, which means you are less likely to spill milk. It has a wide mouth opening which makes pouring and clean up a breeze. The top fits well and protects the milk. And the long handle means I can hang the jug or carry it while still carrying other items. Again, I just love this jug and it also provides a sense of nostalgia for me. Can’t recommend this one enough!

Stainless Steel Funnel with Filter – When it comes to quickly filtering milk to remove small debris, this is a great tool. Easy to use, and easy to clean. But also purchased the reusable oval coffee filter for use in essentially double filtering the milk. This filter fits inside the steel funnel and the fluted edges work great at catching debris. Anything that somehow (rarely) makes it through this filter has a second chance to be caught on the funnel filter. Since the filter is also stainless steel, clean up is a breeze

And if you like a little frothy milk in your coffee, I just love this handy little milk frother by Bodum. Works quickly and easily (and of course you can use it on any milk – fresh milk, cream, or even store bought).