Save a Seed to Save Yourself: The Importance of Seed Saving in 2020

Food for tomorrow comes from seeds we save today

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Fundamentally Human

Food. Water. Air. Shelter. These are the fundamental things each of us needs to survive. And we had better add in “Company” to that list as well. We need each other and our animal companions to really thrive in this world and live healthy lives.

It’s easy to minimize these things, spend as little time thinking about them as possible, unless we personally face a shortage of one of them. For most of us, our high-tech information-age lifestyles mean much of what we need comes at the touch of a button. Nearly anything can now be delivered right to your door.

It’s easy to forget that the natural world doesn’t work that way.

There is no downloadable patch, quick fix, or 3D printed substitute for plant seeds. Most of our food is still grown by planting seeds into the soil somewhere on the planet.

With each passing decade, fewer and fewer people know how to grow their own food. And yet seeding, growing, harvesting, storing and preparing plants as food are fundamental tasks that show us what it means to be human.

Our history with seed saving and growing crops dates back 12,000 years or more, and such practices were developed in most cultures around the world. And yet, never in the history of humans on the planet has our individual knowledge of food production been so low.

We Need Plant Diversity to Survive

The last hundred years of “modern” agriculture has marked the worst decline in our food plant biodiversity ever recorded. Although the details vary . . . .

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